Solari Gelcoat Whitener

Non – Toxic Cleaning Solution for all Gelcoat

Solari GelCoat Whitener is an environmentally friendly product to remove oxidation buildup on the vessels gelcoat used on fiberglass and other composite materials used in vessel manufacture.

Gelcoat is an amazing product, it’s hard wearing and restorable, but as it ages it can become porous and attracts stains. 

Waterborne pollutants and other fouling organisms staining the hull and that yellow or brown waterline taking the sparkle away from your beautiful boat.


Key Benefits:

Save time and money

Solari Gelcoat Whitener will not harm you – No volatile organic compounds no dangerous or hazardous goods classification
Kind on the environment – product is Non Toxic and Bio-Degradable
No strong odour to affect you or others and water based for ease of use
Available in 5 L, 20 L, 200 L & 1,000 L Containers

Solari Gelcoat will not damage or remove decals, nor will it remove paint.

The product arrives ready for use – do not dilute

Solari Gelcoat is easy to apply and remove, simply use a brush, roller or sprayer to apply and to remove simply wash off with a hose as water neutralises the product.

DO NOT wash off with a high pressure cleaner.

If product gets on antifouling, simply wash off with water – no damage to antifouling

Are you looking to make that

Gelcoat white again?

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