SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Ratio) 1.25 kg O2hr per aeration head | SAE 1.09 O2hr/Kw 


Solari RMA QA Aerator and Mixer

The Solari RMA QA is a UNIQUE Aerator and Mixing Unit supplies high levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Transfer using a range of bubbles sizes. It also achieves complete water body mixing and destratification. Subject to Innovative Patent Registration, this Australian Designed aerator by Reparator provides a sustainable way to mix and aerate water better than other units currently on the market.

RMA QA Operations and Maintenance Manual 

Industrial Version         


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  • Any Water Treatment from Municipal Drinking Water to Heavily Polluted Water
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • River and Lakes Remediation
  • Destratication in Reservoirs and Large Water Bodies
  • Municipal Leachate Waste Treatment
  • Food Process Industry Wastewater
  • All forms of Aquaculture
  • Control Algae Outbreaks


Low energy usage, do more with less save up to 70% compared to other units

Odour reduction. Very rapidly the odour of the water body will clear to no smell.

No need to purchase bacteria or microbes to add to the water body – just let nature do its work

Supplied with stainless steel wire mesh screens (not shown)

Kevlar extensions available up to 20 metres for destratification

Long life UV protected and barnacle resistant buoys

 Sized to suit your application. Floating and Manifold Units both available.

Can be designed to suit your specific need.

 Strong circulation distributes Dissolved Oxygen throughout the water body both vertically and horizontally.

 High mobility bubbles ensures optimal surface interface between contaminants and oxidants.

 In aquaculture, aquatic life respiration is enhanced resulting in better growth rates.

 Light Weight & Easily Serviced

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  • Safe operation
  • Small footprint
  • Design life over 20 years
  • Low energy use – reduced energy consumption
  • Uniform distribution of Dissolved Oxygen through the water body
  • Rapid breakdown on surface scum in wastewater
  • High oxygen transfer reduces, COD, BOD, Suspended Solids, Nutrients, Pathogens and Transitional and Heavy Metals Thermister Overload Protection
  • Buoys have strong anti-fouling and UV resistance
First impressions the aerator has certainly had an impact on clarity of the water.
Visibility in the water column has started from nothing to making outline of a branch visible to 200mm after 2 weeks of operating. Roland Heatley

Moree Plains Shire Council

Visual observations showed the treated wastewater in the ponds becoming progressively clearer.
The numbers appear to be reasonable after 2 ½ months operation.

David Wolfenden

Moree Plains Shire Council


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