Solari RMA QA Case Study – Boggabilla WTP Raw Water Aeration





Aeration is often used as the first step in water treatment. During aeration, constituents are removed or modified before they can interfere with the treatment processes. The Solari RMA QA aerator introduces a range of bubbles into the water body. These are coarse, fine, micro and nanobubbles. The smaller the bubble the better. READ MORE>

Solari RMA QA Case Study – Teritary Pond, Moree NSW





Visual observations showed the treated wastewater in the ponds becoming progressively clearer.

The key test results to date follow:

BOD is at 4 mg/L (compared to 20 mg/L desirable maximum limit) It is noted that 6 previous test results have been less than 4mg / L.

SS is at 60 mg/L (compared to 30 mg/L desirable maximum limit). It is noted that 7 previous test results have been greater than 60mg / L.

NH3 is at 0.06 – a good result with only three previous test results lower.

O&G is at 5 mg/L (compared to 10 mg/L desirable maximum limit) however greater than 16 previous test results.

On the basis of the forgoing comments, the above numbers appear to be reasonable after 2 ½ months operation.

David Wolfenden

Moree Plains Shire Council

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Review of RMA 2.8kW aerator installed at our first Lagoon Moree STP. It was installed 31-3-2016 (not 24-3-2016 as first thought) so the results are better than discussed the other week.

First impressions the aerator has certainly had an impact on clarity of the water.
Visibility in the water column has started from nothing to making outline of a branch visible to 200mm after 2 weeks of operating. The position of the aerator is to one corner of the lagoon which may not be ideal either. I inspected the site this afternoon so now 4 weeks since installing the unit. The water column clarity hasn’t changed noticeably from the second week result but is now influencing most of the first pond and now moving into the second lagoon.

The fish I observed at the third pond inlet at the second week milling around the flow from the second pond has diminished but that I suspect is due to the improving quality of the water generally and they are spreading out.
The water at the pump suction area looks better still no clarity but a more even grey which I expect to improve over the next two months. First impressions it’s doing exactly what I hoped and for the size of the unit probably ahead of what I expected. Generally fish are more active and certainly more bird life present than last month.
I can’t wait to see results of water tests in June to confirm the visual picture being seen now. Roland Heatley

Moree Plains Shire Council


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