Solari Rust Remover

Key Benefits:

Use with safety around the workplace – non flammable
Solari Rust remover Liquid will not harm you – no dangerous or hazardous goods classification
Kind on the environment – product is Bio-Degradable
No strong odour to affect you or others and water based for ease of use
Wash off against water
Reusable several times – leave this sentence as it is
Can be discharged to rivers and ocean – this product is NOT a marine pollutant

Smart Technologies Incorporates Multiple Flash Rust Inhibitors

In tropical, humid climates flash rusting generally occurs in a shortened time frame when compared to other environments.
Solari Rust Removal Products incorporate smart technologies with multiple long lasting, highly effective, preventative Rust Inhibitors. 

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Suited For All ISO Rust Grade Classifications

Available in 5 L, 20 L, 200 L & 1,000 L Containers

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Rust Remover Liquid Dwell Time

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Solari Rust Remover

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