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Hard Water Issues

Hard water can cause so many issues in a wide variety of ways. With high calcium, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate and iron mineral contents hard water causes calcium limescale or iron scale buildup which drastically reduce the life of your plumbing, equipment and appliances. When you have increased mineral content some common problems include: scaling of pipes and associated equipment, Increased water heating costs from a build-up of minerals on heating elements in hot water systems. Iron in irrigation water for nurseries and irrigation, iron in drinking water systems, iron & calcium in bore (well) water.  SHOP ALL PRODUCTS >

Solve Irrigation Problems 

Stop equipment failure, and not only reduce, but remove scale build up in your equipment and treat the problem at the source. The Solari Water Conditioner will over time remove scale build up within your irrigation equipment and pipes but you can get the full solution by simply cleaning out the affected pipes and or equipment with Solari CleanPipe XTRA and also adding a Solari Water Conditioner that will change the chemical structure of the hard water before it touches your equipment, this way the minerals don’t precipitate out and crust on surfaces.

This means that you no longer need to treat the water by adding chemicals or manually chip off the scale or replace the equipment because it’s not doing the job, your equipment will work at full capacity and save you significant time and maintenance costs.

Improve plant health and increase root growth with nano bubble technology, find out more on the Solari Micro Bubble Generator Page.


Eco-friendly, no chemicals & no salts

  • Prevents calcium carbonate scaling.
  • Reduces iron staining problems.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces down time.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Inhibits the growth of bio-film.
  • Improves health & safety issues by reducing chemical usage

Hard Water Solutions

Water containing high levels of salt and iron can stunt your plants growth, leave salt or rust marks on your crops, clog your pipes and irrigation systems with scale build up and your livestock simply wont drink it.

Don’t spend all your profit margin buying in truck loads of water, condition the hard water so it is suitable for your needs.

You need to find a soft water solution that is cost effective and low maintenance. The best hard water solution is The Solari Water Conditioner.

Treat hard bore or well water before it is pumped into your holding dam and you will have plenty of soft wetter water supply for your livestock and irrigation needs.

Treatment is easy, by simply adding the Solari Water Conditioner unit that suits the flow rate of the bore, the holding dam will settle over a couple of days and soon became so absolutely crystal clear and ready for irrigation or for livestock. A second Solari Water Conditioner can be added so that water pumped from the holding dam through the unit into a storage tank which then irrigates crops or available for livestock. 

Grow Better Crops 

Water is the life blood of any farm so finding the best water solutions available are vital.
Do you have hard water problems with salt affected soils or iron in well water?

Softer water means better root growth.
The softer wetter water is more easily absorbed into the ground and the plants, which gives both a healthier environment to grow crops and increases the yield.

    • Irrigate with a softer wetter water.
    • Water is absorbed into the ground more easily and more easily taken up by plants.
    • Greater feeder roots have been reported.
    • Less water is lost to evaporation as it is absorbed in the ground.
    • Pipe and sprinkler nozzles will be protected from limescale deposits.
    • Salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution so they don’t crust and damage plants and equipment.
    • Solari Water Conditioners water makes a fantastic static mixer, so you get a great water fertilizer mix.
    • You won’t need to buy in water which will save you huge amounts of money.
    • All animals love to drink the softer treated water so they will be healthier.

Improve plant health and increase root growth with nano bubble technology,
find out more on the Solari Micro Bubble Generator Page.

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