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What Are The Applications ?

Hard water can cause so many issues in a wide variety of ways. With high calcium, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate and iron mineral contents hard water causes calcium limescale or iron scale buildup which drastically reduce the life of your plumbing, equipment and appliances. When you have increased mineral content some common problems include: scaling of pipes and equipment, reduced foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents, soap scum in sinks and bathtubs, scum rings in bath tubs, swimming pools and spas. Chalky white powder (calcium) build-up on swimming pool walls, salt build-up on salt water chlorinators. Increased water heating costs from a build-up of minerals on heating elements in hot water systems, dishwashers, kettles reducing their efficiencies. Reduction in problems with high pH water causing blue stains on kitchen, laundry & bathroom fixtures (Blue Water Syndrome), possible skin infections from bacteria trapped in pores under soap scum. The Solari Water Conditioner is a simple, safe, effective, economical water softener alternative for your home.

Do I Have Hard Water ?

Hard water is often indicated by a lack of foaming when soap is agitated in water, formation of limescale in kettles and hot water systems and leaving spots on glassware.

Can you form lather/foam with soap?

Hard water prevents soap from foaming. If your soap does not easily foam, then your water is considered hard.

Does the water taste chalky?

Hard water is generally described as ‘chalky’, whereas, soft water is often described as ‘slippery’.
Are you living in a Hard Water Area – CLICK HERE

Skin & Hair Problems 

Do you have to use handfuls of bodywash or shampoo and you still don’t get a good lather up?
Does your hair feel dry and frizzy even after using lots of hair conditioner?
Does your skin feel dry and itchy when you get out of the shower so you have to coat yourself with body cream?
If you answered yes to any of these  question, then you are probably showering in hard water or water that has been softened using a “traditional salt softener”.

There is an easy solution…
Installing a Shower Solari Water Conditioner on your hand held or fixed shower nozzle only takes minutes and the benefits are fantastic!

  • You will have softer, wetter water to shower in!
  • You can use less shampoo, conditioner and body wash!
  • Your skin will feel great and it won’t itch! Because the softer wetter water will wash off all of the shampoo, conditioner and body wash off your skin, leaving you feeling like new!
  • No scaling issues with your shower head!
  • Shower screens will look cleaner and if there is any recurring spotting it is easily wiped away!
  • Wall and floor tiles feel cleaner and are easier to clean – no scrubbing!
  • You won’t have to coat yourself in body cream as your skin will feel great!
  • Will last 20+ years when operated under normal conditions!
  • Simple to install, no chemicals, no salts, no magnets.
  • No electricity, no backwashing, and no maintenance!


Pipes & Appliances


Scale buildup in pipes is a common problem and is expensive to correct, but the good news is that it is very preventable. Similar to the process of cholesterol build up in arteries, the buildup of scale greatly reduces the flow of water through the pipe and can have some nasty effects.

Reduce equipment replacement, maintenance and labor costs with an easy to fit and install, maintenance free solution that will reduce down time, increases the life of components, reduces maintenance and operating costs, protects your investment in capital equipment.

If you currently have buildup within your pipes, you can use the Solari Water Clean Pipe Xtra to completely remove the buildup, and then to avoid the problem re-occurring use the Solari Water Conditioner. it’s chemical and salt free and won’t corrode your pipes, unlike the alternative solution of adding of hydrochloric or sulphuric acid to your water on your own.  

Protect Your Investment 

If you have spent thousands of dollars on brand new appliances for your home, you want to protect them. Installing a Solari Water Conditioner will prevent scale build up in the water lines of your washing machine, new steam oven as well as your fridge with water and ice dispenser and the softer water will even taste better.

Because water flow is reduced by scale buildup, the appliances that are on the receiving end of the pipe have to work much harder to obtain the water they need to run.  On the other hand, appliances attempting to push water through the pipes are under increased pressure as well, which also requires them to work harder. Overall, the additional effort required of your appliances due to the buildup of scale will raise your energy costs and possibly require you to replace the appliances or pipes sooner than you had planned.


The Solari Water Conditioner

  • Will last 20+ years when operated under normal conditions!
  • Simple to install, no chemicals, no salts, no magnets.
  • No electricity and no maintenance!

Swimming Pools 

Maintaining your swimming pool is not a simple task, maintaining the perfect combination of chemicals makes you feel like you need a chemistry degree! But one thing that most people don’t understand is that not all water you put into your pool is the same because water is not pure H2O, it is mixed with mineral salts from the ground that creates hardness in water.

If you live in a hard water area (and most everyone does) then you will have calcium (and sometimes iron) in your water.  This means you will experience scale build up, pool stains, rust scale, cloudy pool water and scale build up in your pool’s pipes that will slowly restrict water flow to and from your pool’s heater and filter requiring frequent servicing or replacement. These types of pool problems can become very expensive. 

You can change the pool water hardness into soft water when you install a Solari Water Conditioner. Most people find they can reduce their chemical use dramatically.

And if you’re worried about how to remove scale from the pool you will find that all that existing scale build up will be gone in no time after your ‘Solari Water Conditioner’ is installed.

For a compete swimming pool filtration solution, check out the Solari DAISY System.

Pool Water Hardness

It is always best to treat the cause of the problem rather than deal with all the resulting symptoms. If you want to spend more time in your pool rather than cleaning your pool then install a Solari Water Conditioner.  Your pool water will sparkle and you will reduce pool maintenance, extend the life of your paint work, pump, filter and salt water chlorinator, reduce your chemical costs and more importantly have more time to enjoy using the pool with family and friends!

Pool Maintenance Benefits

All Pools – Domestic & Commercial
  • Softer wetter water to swim in – so comfortable.
  • Scum lines will be easier to clean.
  • Back washing will be reduced, saving you water (and money).
  • Your pump and associated equipment will be protected, extending their life and saving you money.
  • Pool water will be cleaner and more sparkling.
  • Swimmers will experience less red eye.
  • Reduce chemical usage, saving you money.
  • Maintenance FREE with no moving parts and it does not use chemicals

Salt Water Pools, all the above, plus:

  • Salt water chlorinator can be cleaned using a high pressure hose or brush and bucket of water, saving you money by not having to use acid to clean the electrode.
  • Extend the life of your chlorinator, again saving on pool maintenance and replacement costs.

Caravans & RV’s 

Your caravan may have an installed water filtration system which is great, but that is not going to protect your pipes, water tanks and water heater from being aged prematurely from hard water.  The filter system will remove sediment and chlorine from the water; however the minerals remain in suspension and will build up causing appliances and fittings to age quickly, breakdown and even need replacing if you don’t install hard water protection.

  • Pipes – Clog up with scale and block water flow.
  • Scale builds up in your hot water system and heating element causes slow heating of water as the scale gets thicker.  Eventually making system useless.
  • Stainless steel sink – calcium spotting will cause the sink to age quickly and your pots and pans!
  • Taps in the shower, sink, washing machine and dishwasher – some types of hard water will cause corrosion on fittings!
  • Shower head – may block up prematurely!
  • Shower screen – ugly spotting on the glass, which is hard to remove!

By installing a Solari Water Conditioner in the water line these problems will be a thing of the past. The Solari Water Conditioner is simple to install, requires no maintenance, will last 20+ years operated under normal conditions, are chemical and salt free and will give you peace of mind.

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