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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Solari Water Conditioner easy to install?

Yes, simply remove the corresponding length of pipe and install the unit.

Does the Solari Water Conditioner unit require ongoing maintenance?

No, once installed the unit does not require any on going maintenance.

Does the Solari Water Conditioner alloy core need to be replaced?

No, the alloy element is not a sacrificial anode and therefore does not need to be replaced. 

Will the Solari Water Conditioner affect water pressure and flow rates?

No. It is important to select the correct size SofterWater Conditioner unit for your application. Selection of a unit is simple! All you need to know is the flow rate of the system.

Does a Solari Water Conditioner soften water?

Yes, because of the definite change in the characteristics of the minerals (electrical charge), the surface tension of the water is reduced giving you a softer, “wetter” water.

Will existing scale be removed and how long does it take to clean the system?

Several factors need to be taken into consideration.

  • The thickness, hardness and type of scale.
  • The length of the scaled area from the Solari Water Conditioner unit.
  • The volume of water flowing through the system.

In many instances the thickness of scale in the water carrying system has taken a number of weeks, months and years to build up. Once installed unit will begin to work immediately in reversing the scale build up, however it may take equally as long or longer to remove the existing scale as it took for the scale to depositor build up.

Data & Installation Sheets

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Conditioner Installation Drawings

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Frequently Asked Installation Questions

Is it necessary to earth a Solari Water Conditioner?

No, a unit does not need to be earthed and can be installed above or below ground.

I want to protect my hot water system, where do I install the Solari Water Conditioning unit?

 If you want to provide protection for your hot water system we recommend that you install the unit on the cold water supply line immediately prior to your hot water system. DOWNLOAD DRAWINGS

We live in a rural area and rely on rain water storage for our supply. We have a pump that supplies our house, and we filter the water. Where should we install the Solari Water Conditioner?

Install the unit immediately after the pump and prior to your water filters. DOWNLOAD DRAWINGS

We live in suburbia and have just purchased a Solari Water Conditioner for a whole house application. We have a reticulation system for the front and back garden that we would also like to be protected. Where do we install the unit?

Install the unit on the main supply line to the house just prior to the first junction to your reticulation system. If you do not have a reticulation system, install the unit as close to the house as practical.

We have a bore (well) on our property. Where do we install the Solari Water Conditioner and how do I protect my submersible pump?

Install your unit on the supply line as it exits the bore (well). If your pump is installed with a 100mm PVC shroud we have a submersible unit that can be fitted to the shroud, providing your submersible pump protection from the minerals in the water.

We are a commercial customer and have a boiler and circulate hot water around a ring main in our building, where do we install the Solari Water Conditioner?

To work most efficiently in this situation you want the water to be continually recirculating through the unit, by doing this the water is being treated continually instead of just once.

Option 1.
If the supply line to the boiler and the ring main return line connect and re-supply the boiler we recommend that you install the unit between the boiler and the junction of the ring main and supply line.

Option 2.
If the supply line to the boiler is separate to the ring may return we recommend that you install two (2) Solari Water Conditioner units. Fit one unit to the supply line as close to the boiler as is practical. The second unit is to be installed immediately after the circulatory pump.


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