Solari Water Air Diffusers

Solari Water Air diffusers are the most robust and versatile fine bubble diffusers commercially available.

These diffusers have been manufactured for 20 years and are one the leading air diffuser manufacturers in Europe. Now available here in Australia through Solari for fine bubble diffusion in many different situations. Fine bubble diffusion is more effective than coarse bubble diffusion in providing a greater mixing action and aeration efficiency (up to 5 times more efficient). We are not aware of any other fine bubble diffuser that can compare with the performance of the this diffuser. The diffusers are of semi-flexible construction 32 mm in diameter and of variable length up to 3 metres depending on the air, oxygen or carbon dioxide through-put required. The diffusers have their own ballast and will stay on the bottom of the aeration tank without the need to add additional ballast or to secure them to the base. This makes our diffusers really easy and quick to install. The diffusers are perfect for tanks, plastic lined lagoons or even clay or earth lined lagoons.


CASE STUDY – V & A Waterfront Cape Town, South Africa

The Challenge:
• Large fish shoal chased into the basin by whales outside the harbor
• All the oxygen was depleted very quickly
• All fish died in the basin
• Degradation of the fish result in oxygen dropping to dissolved oxygen level of 2%
• Any fish coming into the basin died immediately i.e. Ocean Sunfish

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Recommended applications for Solari Air Diffusers

• Landfill leachate SBR Biological treatment
• Agriculture Waste Water treatment
• Destratification of lakes, lagoons and reservoirs
• Reduction of THM’s in lagoons and reservoirs
• Aquaculture aeration
• Extended diffused aeration of lagoon, lakes and wetlands

Basic design criteria:

• Destratification processes. Use 1 x 3 m diffusers or 10 m3 of air/hr for every 1’000 m2 of water surface area.
• Municipal Wastewater biological treatment. use 1 x 3 m diffusers or 10 m3 of air/hr for every 50 – 100 PE (Population Equivalent).
• Agriculture Wastewater biological treatment. Use 1 x 3 m diffusers or 10 m3 of air/hr for every 10 cattle and for every 20 swine.

Main Benefits:

• Tubular diffuser, up to 3 m in length
• Semi flexible construction allows variations in design and implementation
• Perfect aeration and mixing of wastewater in reservoirs, lakes and lagoons, for example, for algae minimization
• Very efficient aeration of plastic lined excavated lagoons biological processes for example – Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)
• Less than 3 psi pressure differential
• Oxygen transfer up to 5 kg/kwhr
• Very easy to clean and maintain


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