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Water is the lifeblood of the whole world, it is the magic ingredient that makes up everything on this amazing planet.

With an ever growing population and reduced rain fall in catchment areas and farming regions, Water filtration, recycling and desalination need to be taken into consideration.

Solari Water have a solution to your water needs, from water filtration for drinking water to water recycling for industry Solari Water is a Sustainable and Cost Effective Water Solutions Company 

We offer low cost, sustainable and effective water purification systems that are suited to being powering by solar.

50% Reduction on Water Processing Costs

If a company has the ability to clean up its process water and re-use it only once than a

staggering 50% saving will be made on both fresh water and effluent costs. At he same time you will effectively reduce your company footprint.

Isisford Case Study

Longreach Regional Council required an upgrade of the Isisford town water drinking system.

Read the Case Study:

ZPM Filter

The ZPM amplifies the coagulation and flocculation reactions for the conversion and precipitation of dissolved components into small particles.

AMF Filter

Crystal clear water the AFM® filters much finer than sand, quartz or any other filter media, attracts and captures bacteria and algae to prevent biofilm.

Solari Community Water

The Solari Community Water is the perfect solution for Rural Community drinking water in any country, for the provision of water.

Solari Water are proud to be a

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