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Solari Daisy System 

The Dryden Aqua Integrated water treatment system (DAISY) is the only integrated system in which all of the component parts work together to provide a very efficient, environmentally sustainable low cost water treatment process. However the best news is that you will have the safest atmosphere above the water, brilliant water quality and the perfect swimming pool water quality for everyone, especially children. The Solari Daisy System prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens and minimises the need for chlorine and other disinfectants.It is based on three principles:

  1. No substrate: Sand is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. Our AFM® is completely resistant to biofilm, therfore bacteria have no substrate on which they can grow and multiply.
  2. No nutrients: Mechanical filtration alone can’t remove most nutrients for bacteria. Our advanced coagulation, flocculation and filtration process will remove nutrients from the water so bacteria can’t grow.
  3. Lowest chlorine demand: Dryden DAISY® filters smallest particles to 0.1 micron almost everything out of the water and reduces the chlorine demand to the lowest level possible. Therefore the possibility for reaction by-products is also lowered.

The Biological Approach to Pool Water Treatment

Bacteria and other pathogens in swimming pools cause a lot of problems:

  • Risk of infections
  • Formation of biofilm in the filter that lowers filtration and backwash performance.
  • Toxic air conditions and chlorine smell
  • Raising operating cost (backwash, chemical consumption, filter media exchange)

Traditional water treatment tries to solve this problem with high doses of chlorine, UV or Ozone. But the bacterial growth is a biological problem and therefore needs a biological solution: Dryden DAISY®!


Step 1: Filtration with AFM What is AFM®?

AFM® stands for Activated Filter Material, a revolutionary filter media made from clean green glass, developed and manufactured by Dryden Aqua. AFM® exceeds the performance of quartz and glass sand by filtering at least 30 % more organics. AFM® is bio-resistant and self-sterilising which means no biofilm is formed in the filter bed. This important feature makes the pool system heathier, ecological and more economical. AFM® has successfully been used in over 100,000 public and private swimming pools worldwide. AFM® is manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 standards and is a filter material certified under European standards for drinking water. AFM® is a registered trademark and is exclusively made by Dryden Aqua.

Step 3: Enhanced oxidation with ACO and ZPM

Sand filters incubate and generate colonies of bacteria called bacteria floc. Indeed the primary source of bacteria in a swimming pool is actually the sand filter as opposed to the bathers. Just like biofilm, bacterial floc are large colonies of several million bacteria held together by an alginate glue. The alginate protects the bacteria from chlorine for several minutes to several hours. AFM® does not incubate bacteria but bacteria can still grow on the inside of the filter shell, nozzles and in the pipework. A ZPM after the filters will smash bacteria floc into individual bacteria which then allows the chlorine to kill the bacteria before the water reaches the pool.

Step 2: coagulation and flocculation with APF and ZPM

AFM® will remove most particles down to 5 microns and many micron and
sub-micron particles as well as dissolved organic components.
When AFM® is combined with a cavitating ZPM static mixer using APF (All Poly Floc), the performance is greatly enhanced.

The combined system now gives nominal filtration down to 0.1 microns that is a 50 times better filtration. In addition, it removes most of the dissolved organic matter and reduces chlorine oxidation demand by up to 80 %.

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